DC 2024 Trip

TOMORROW is the registration deadline for our trip to  Washington, D.C! Register on time and save XX!

You’ll find all the details on our website…. (https://worldstrides.com/custom/madison-ms-dc-206258/)


Click here for 7 interesting facts about Washington, D.C!  


Click here to learn more about the positive impact travel has on young people.      


There’s only a $49 deposit to register! 


Sign up by Tuesday, November 8th!  


Register online at www.worldstrides.com/signup 

 or call WorldStrides Customer Service at 1-800-468-5899 and use Trip ID 206258

Once registered, call the Payments Desk directly at 1-855-442-0695 if you need  to change to a lower payment option.  Ask the payments desk about the Advantage Payment Plan for only $149/mo

Financial Assistance available by calling. Encourage your student to fundraise using the Gift of Education Tools! 


Contact Brent Massey  masseybm@bps-ok.org   with any questions.