PMR Info

Welcome to the 11th annual Painted Mustang Run! Just a few things about Friday. We have over 500 students signed up to run this year and I am sure it will increase over the next couple of days. For lunch, students can get a sack lunch from the school or they can buy pizza, snacks, candy, snow cones etc. $10 should cover. We will also sell water or there will be a hose. It will be hot!

The day will go like this: students will go to their first 4 core classes. 8th grade will start the run at 11:20, 7th grade at 11:35 and 6th grade at 11:50. Students may race, or walk it for fun. The Run ends at the park where students can eat lunch and participate in a wide variety of games. 

You are welcome to come watch the run. Many parents watch the start or take a picture on the course. It is a great Photo Opportunity. However, if parents stay at the park, they get to work! I have shared a sign up multiple times. You can also contact Julie Bradford at

If adults are present, they are helping. It takes a ton of people to pull off an event of this magnitude. Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to help. We have the added benefit of a resource officer this year. We have never had any major problems and I don't anticipate this year to be any different. The kids will have a ton of things to do at the park. 

We do still have a handful of students who need a scholarship. If that is something you are willing to do, please contact Bev Smith in the office. 

Thank you for your support and have a great day!

Joey Eidson