MMS Yearbook Team


Jostens is proud to recognize Madison Middle School’s 2020-2021 Yearbook Staff as a member of the National Yearbook Program of Excellence at the Gold Level!

2020-2021 Yearbook Staff: Kirany Orphin, Editor-In-Chief; Addison Link, Marketing Manager; Jacie Jenkins, Index Editor; Arianna Mares, Academics Editor; Sydney White & Kassidy Gore, Sports Editors; Lexi Cormier, Fine Arts Editor; Mya Miller, Melanie Mendoza, & Chloe Martin-Moore, Bru Crew Editors; Mrs. Cheryl Herard & Mrs. Lori Crawford, Advisors.

The National Yearbook Program of Excellence designation is an honor that recognizes yearbook programs for achieving criteria in 3 categories. Achievement in one category = Bronze Level; two categories = Silver Level; and achievement in all three categories = Gold Level. Madison Middle School yearbook staff achieved Gold Level!

 Criteria 1. A Meaningful Yearbook For All Students - The yearbook should mean something to all students while offering a window into the school year. Program of Excellence Achievers excel at making sure every student is included.
 Criteria 2. A Yearbook In Every Student's Hands - Schools put so much time, effort and love into their yearbook. We honor those dedicated teams who create a meaningful book that students want to purchase.
 Criteria 3. Effective Project Management - Meeting yearbook deadlines is a very important part of the yearbook creation process. Program of Excellence Achievers experience a smooth, stress-free creation process.

Madison’s 2020-2021 Yearbook Staff, Advisors, Mr. Joey Eidson, Principal and Mrs. Morgan Axsom will be presented with a banner and a pin with three stars honoring their achievement from Todd Featherston, Jostens’ Representative on Wednesday, November 10.