Welcome to Back to School Night at MMS....virtual style!

Please watch this video from Mr. Eidson first. 

After watching Mr. Eidson's video then you may scroll though the names below to find your student's teachers. Each teacher has created a video for their classes 3-5 minutes in length in order to give parents a glimpse into their classroom and curriculum. Simply find the teacher's name and click on the class that applies to your student. 

If you have any questions please email our webmaster (houghml@bps-ok.org) or contact the office 918-333-4444. Hopefully we can meet in person soon. 

AGUILERA       6th grade Art

                                  7th grade Art

                                 8th grade Art

ARNOLD           Reading Essentials - 6th grade

BABB                   7th and 8th grade Math

BELDEN            6th grade Foreign Language

                                 7th Spanish

                                 8th grade Spanish

                                 8th grade Spanish I

BLAIN                 PE and Weightlifting

BOOMER         8th grade U.S. History    

                                 7th grade Eastern Hemisphere

BREWER          7th grade Eastern Hemisphere

CARR                  6th grade orchestra     

                                 7th grade orchestra

COLAW             8th grade Accelerated English

                                 8th grade English

DALE                   8th grade Agricultural Explorations

ENGLAND       6th grade Western Hemisphere

                                 7th grade Eastern Hemisphere

FREDERICK   6th grade Western Hemisphere     

                                 7th grade Eastern Hemisphere

GAGAN              7th grade English

HAMMACK     6th and 7th grade Science

HERARD           8th grade Broadcasting    

                                 8th grade Publications (Yearbook)

                                 7th grade Photography & Broadcasting

                                 7th grade Computer Applications       

                                 6th grade Computer Applications

HEUERTZ -     All parents have been contacted to schedule an online conference

HIGGS                7th and 8th grade English Essentials

HOLMES          7th and 8th grade Team Sports

HOUGH             6th, 7th, and 8th grade STEM


                                 6th grade Math   

                                 7th grade Math

IMES                    8th grade Geometry    

                                 8th grade Algebra     

                                 8th grade Pre-Algebra

                                 7th grade Math

JOHNSON      6th grade Physical Science   

                                 6th grade PE

KNOPFEL        6th, 7th, and 8th grade Band

LAWSON          8th grade U.S. History    

                                 7th grade Eastern Hemisphere     

MAYFIELD      6th grade Physical Science

                                 8th grade Earth Science

MCKINNEY    6th, 7th and 8th grade STEM

MUNN                 7th grade English

NEILL                  Literacy Lab and ELL

ORPHIN            7th grade Math

PASCHAL        6th grade Physical Science

                                 8th grade Earth Science

ROBERTS       6th grade English

B. SHAW           6th grade Physical Science

                                 7th grade Biological Science

M. SHAW          6th, 7th, and 8th grade Choir

STEVENS        Mr. Stevens  is meeting with his parents by virtual conference  

STOGNER       8th grade orchestra   


                                  8th grade Accelerated English   

                                  8th grade English    


VILLINES          6th, 7th, and 8th grade Band

WALL                   6th grade Math    

                                  7th grade Math


                                  6th grade English

WARD                  7th grade Honors Math

                                  8th grade Pre-Algebra

                                  8th grade Algebra