Parent-Teacher Conferences

Below you will find a list of links for the parent/teacher conferences next week. Each conference is slotted for 10 minutes. Because we are not teamed this year, each teacher has their own sign-up link. We will conclude the sign ups on Tuesday and you will get an invitation for a google meet from each teacher. This is obviously not our desired form of communication and we wish we could talk with you in person. Hopefully that will happen next year. 

You may have to copy and paste the link into a new browser.


Sandra Aguilera -

Renee Arnold -

Angela Babb Reinsager - 

Andrew Blain - Contact teacher at to set up a meeting for after spring break. 

Stacee Blake -

Marsh Boomer -

Casey Brewer -

Greg Carr-

Robin Cobb -

Dorothy Colaw-

Cameron Dale -

Blake Ellsworth -

Nathan England -

Deborah French -

Courtney Gagan -

Stacey Goodwin -

John Hammack -

Cheryl Herard -

Sara Heuertz -

Hunter Hines -

Linda Holleman -

Rachel Hough - 

Ashley Imes -

Rick Johnson -

Crystal Jones -

Jonathon Knopfel -

Kaylee Kobel -

Mike Lawson -

Brandi Mayfield -

Shannon McKinney -

Tiffany Munn -

Christy Orphin -

Briana Secora -

Hannah Smith - Conferences will be held after Spring Break (Maternity Leave)

Michael Stevens -

Sarah Stogner -

Mark Villines -

 Jordan Wall -

Deena Wallingford -

Emily Womack -

Daniel Wren -